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Caregiver 2.0

This is an exciting time for the Kujali Project. Wednesday, 15 September 2010 the Kujali Project Home Based Healthcare is introducing Home Based Carers from the Athlone YMCA to Social Media. TheReconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) will be providing training to the caregivers and NGOs. The training will start with an Introduction to Story Telling and New Media. The overall objective is to generate stories of hope for all who can relate to the situations these caregivers experience every day in the form of blogging.

One of the Kujali team members wrote in their blog post: “Not only will this blog help citizens, caregivers and NGOs learn about what is happening in other communities, but it can serve as a platform for educational/ training resources to be delivered to the people in need was proposed that a blog be created for the sharing of the stories of the caregivers to others and amongst themselves.”

During the Social Media training the caregivers and community health care workers will be trained in: New Media, Blogging, Social Media Tools and Caregiver 2.0.

You can follow their blog Kujali to read the stories from the caregivers. Or follow Kujali on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Kujali

Wii all stand together

Who said that you are too old to learn?We have learnt so much from our seniors, and many things they have imparted in our lives while we were growing up. And now it is time to give back and teach them what we have learned.  Today Michael did a session with our seniors from our community. He set up the Wii console for them and had them play tennis etc as a form of exercise and a way to stimulate their brains. The seniors had a blast and at the same time ha a workout without them realising it lol.

This is just one of our ways that we utilise technology and a way to give back to our community. It is important that we look after our seniors as they have been praying for us and caring for us over the years. We will be having more Wii sessions with them as time goes on and also look at how we can introduce them to Social Media.

MobieG Gets Introduced to JamiiX System

Some of the MobieG counselors

On day two we did started the day off by doing a recap of the previous evenings training and see how much the trainees has remembered. After the recap Craig introduced the counsellors to the JamiiX system, the platform that they will be using. Jamiix, a web based tool allowing you to manage multiple conversations from different Social Networks and Instant Messaging platform.

We took them through the entire system and showing them all its functionalities that they would require to do the counselling. This is how you add the contact for their mobile counselling service:

Go to Menu
Add Contact
Select Jabber option
Jabber ID:
Nickname: MobieG
Accept Contact

The Art Of Mobile Counselling for MobieG: Day 1

Me doing my presentation

Guest post by Craig Ross:

Over the past weekend I was out in Johannesburg doing what we do best Reconstructing Communities Through Innovation. The purpose of the of the trip was to go and do 10 hours of training over two days, “The Art of Mobile Counselling” with an organization MobieG.

This is the topics that we have covered:

Mobile Phones for Social Good – this session was facilitated by Brent Williams (our Drug Advice and Support Ambassador) and he shared why we tapped into the Mobile space.

The Art of Mobile Counselling – This session was facilitated by me and basically I had to shift the trainees minds away from  away from one on one counselling and seeing how we can fit that into a mobile Instant Messaging  environment. Mobile chat environment has its own culture and language. Less is best, the counsellor have to use as little text to get the maximum message. “Hi” is a conversation, for many just a simple “hi” is a conversation that makes them feel connected in some way. Communicate in characters not words. Many of the mobile chat users communicate using characters to make the most of the small screen and limited number of characters per screen.

The Mind of a Mobile Counselor – Being the worlds first online mobile advisers we shared some of our experiences as a mobile advisor, do’s and dont’s and the floor was open for questions.

Speed dating with the moms

Speed dating with the moms

View more presentations from Rene Parker.

Today we decided to do the Mom3.0 Cafe Session differently. We will be doing it Speed Dating style. Here is just a brief description of what speed dating is.


Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.


The reason for us doing the Mom3.0 session speed dating style is that we want to introduce the moms to as many Social Media sites as possible. This is also a good way of doing recap with the moms and for those that joined the class late.

Melissa Jonhson one of the students says: “I could do so many things today as I had many tabs open. I had my Facebook, Gmail, Blogger and Hootsuite (twitter) open at the same time. This session was so fruitful!” So it seems these new speed dating sessions are paying off and we will be looking forward to having more of them with the moms in the future.

A special thanks to all the moms for attending the speed dating session as this would not be possible without you ladies. And to all the facilitators. Keep up the good work.

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My Social Media For Business Presentation

Social Media For Business

On Tuesday we hosted a Social Media For business workshop here in the RLABS space. We had 5 companies that were represented. We are looking to grow this numbers in the future. We basically took them through a process to show them how Social Media could effectively grow their business and how they could effectively use all the Social Media tools available to them.

Here is what the programme for the day looked like:

9:00am  – Coffee/tea

9:15am – Background and benefits of social media for your business (Craig)

10.00am  – Develop social media plan for business (Craig/Brent interactive session)

10:45am – Business going Mobi (Clinton)

11:15am – Coffee/tea

11:30am  – Social Media Tools for your business

Twitter (Brent)

Facebook fanpage  (Clive)



SCAT:Social Media Training

Today we did Social Media training with SCAT, an organisation that has signed up for a Social Media Policy with us. We will basically be doing a handover phase with them. Setting up all their Social Media applications and showing them how to use it.

Today we did an introduction to all the tools we will be using in their Social Media Strategy and getting them familiarized with it. Next week we will be meeting with them again and allowing them to set up accounts on Facebook,Twitter etc so that they can become comfortable with it.

Some of the SCAT staff that was at the training

Here is some background information on SCAT:

Scat is an award-winning human rights NGO, which focuses on supporting community-based organisations through providing funds, fieldwork support and capacity building. Scat has been in existence for more than 20 years and has an excellent track record in development. Each year Scat typically supports about 60 rural community-based organisations in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West and Free State Provinces. In order to qualify for support from Scat, organisations must meet the criteria of being rural, community-governed, accountable and transparent, with women participating at all levels in the organisation and membership open to all in the community.

Collaboration For The Nation

Last week RLABS was out training facilitators from Silulo Ulutho Technologies out in Khaylistha .  We basically went in trained up their facilitators on Social Media and how they can add this to the current training they are doing with their students. So this week it was time to put into practice what they have learned in last week’s training.

We went in and co – facilitated the classes with them and was there in case they got stuck with something. They did well on their first day facilitating the Social Media classes with their students. Well done to all their facilitators on a job well done. Keep up the good work guys and may God take you from strength to strength.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies vision and driving source are three basic concepts:  Technology, Knowledge and Empowerment. Technology enables communication and collaboration across not only communities but almost all other barriers as well. Knowledge is the result of the drive to learn and the need to exceed limitations. Empowerment is the core of Silulo; by giving the ability to create opportunity for ones self allows people to reach and exceed expectations and optimize potential.  The partners and employees of Silulo are dedicated to inspiring others to take their futures into their own hands and empower and uplift themselves and their community through the power of knowledge and technology.


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