Iringa Living Lab impacting many lives

RLabs and TanzICT started the  training the trainers in a computer lab at Tumaini University on 13th August. The participants were ordinary local people who were brave enough to take part in this trainers’ training although it could easily be seen that many of them were very nervous. We always believe that you should have fun while learning and before we started the training we had to put the participants minds at ease letting them know that we would go through the training slowly . We also assured them that there was nothing to be nervous about even if it was there first time operating a computer. We  gave them the freedom to stop us at any point  if there  was something that  they did not understand , and we would go over it again until they were clear about it.

It was amazing to see how confident the participants grew after just 2 days of working on the computers and the various Social Media platforms. Their nervous smiles soon turned into joyful laughter. It was good to see that the culture that was being created in this training.It  was one of helping each other when the other was in need. Often we would see participants come alongside their fellow students and assist where they could. Unknowingly to them they were slowly becoming social media facilitators that would train many others in their community.

After a week long training with this group it was now time for them to train up others. The idea was for them to now  have a week long training with a group of new participants from the community. We told them that we were stepping back and that they were going to have to run all the processes .That mean that they would have to allocate someone to do the welcoming ,presentations,final words etc. They managed to plan for the week and we stood back in amazement as they were running the workshop. We could not believe that this was the same group from the previous week that was so nervous. They were so confident and took lots of pride in their respective roles.Their week long training was a great success  and already they have dates for their next session of training. Within a couple of weeks so many people have been empowered and many more will be as the group continues their training sessions with the community.

What amazing progress this is for Iringa Living Lab. We are looking forward to see the great things that will come from this Living Lab who has now given hope to so many. Keep up the good work everyone.

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