Breaking the ICE

The Ice Has Been Broken

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This blog has been DORMANT/STAGNANT for far too long! Every time when asked by my colleagues (Nathaniel Wagner) about when I was going to update my blog I would always justify by saying that I am too busy. Yes, I am busy but saying that I am too busy to blog is just an over reaction . When we do training with companies and do a Social Media strategy with them , we stress the importance of making time to update and engage on the various Social Media platforms. So why am I  not practicing this?

A worse case scenario would be if someone in the  training actually went to visit  my blog and see that I was not practicing what I was teaching. So….. I have decided to break the ice and start blogging again. Also I realize the responsibility that comes along with this blog post. I know that I will have my colleagues breathing down my neck and reminding me  of this blog post once they see no activity on this site. So here is *raises glass* to many more blog post to come!

This is Brent’s Journey and this journey WILL continue :-)


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