Special memories at Rhodes High

So we have been to two schools in last week, and one of the schools was Rhodes High in Cape Town. The length of the periods/classes at Rhodes High was different to those of the other schools we have been to previously. At the other schools the periods were normally 30 minutes (half hour) or 45 minutes long. At Rhodes High however the periods were an hour long and they only have one interval (break) that is an hour long as well.

Felowshipping during lunch break

So there I was thinking: “What am I suppose to do in that hour?” Ricky Johnson came up to me and told me that they usually have SU (Scripture Union) during break with some learners and asked if the guys  (RLABS team) would like to join and share our stories. We naturally jumped at the opportunity and accepted the invitation.

I really admire these learners as they could be anywhere on the school with their friends doing who knows what, but they opted to come and worship God in this time. I really enjoyed this session and speaking of what Jesus did and is still doing in my life. Thank you guys for your devotion and choosing to serve Christ in a time such as this. I know and see the many choices these kids have to face and make on a daily basis and this is one of those good choices these kids have made.

Looking forward to going back there and hearing how things are going there.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity.

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