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Ferry Accident – Zanzibar

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Dozens were killed in a  tragic ferry accident in Tanzania yesterday. Bodies we still arriving last night as families stood by to identify their loved ones. What shocked me the most was that after the accident happened rescue boats took more than 2 hours to deploy from the harbor as there was no fuel in the boats. Eventually when the fuel arrived 2 hours later they had to fuel up the boats and then only could they go to assist the people that had been on the sinking ferry.

I was shocked when i was reading reports about this incident .So many lives could have been saved if not for this unorganized system of the rescue services. I also found some pics on Facebook on this page . We are scheduled to go to Zanzibar tomorrow for a business meeting .This incident will not however stop us from going but it would be nice to know that you would be in good hands if something does happen. Unfortunately I do not feel that assurance!

“News from Sumatra…………
Due to the tragic accident, SUMATRA have suspended all ferries from making trips tomorrow (19th July). We have therefore suspended all trips for tomorrow morning until we are given a go ahead to continue with normal schedule..”

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