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Social Media Boot Camp

Wondering how your company can embrace social media for better performance online? Struggling with reaching your target audience? Sign up for the RLabs Social Media Boot Camp on June 6 in Athlone, Cape Town and let the professionals of RLabs’ Social Media Factory guide you into the world of a Social Business.

During the morning, professionals from different countries will share their experience within the social media and social business industry. Some of the topics to be presented are process innovation in businesses, social media and mobile phones, semantic web, fund-raising campaigns and much more.

After a coffee break, there are hands-on consulting sessions with the presenters. So you have an opportunity to discuss how your company can improve its performance and business by embracing social media, you visit the “Business and Innovation” hub. The “Fund-raising” hub is there to advise and help you with fund raising money via social media platforms. Finally there is also a “Social Networking” hub that is specialized in creating you a company weblog and get you active on various social platforms (E.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.).


Date and time: June 6, 09.00 till 16.00

Location: RLabs, 66 Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown, Cape Town

Price: R1000 per person, including coffee breaks and a good lunch

Bookings and info: or call 021 699 1453 and ask for Craig Ross. Please note that booking is only possible before the 30th of May and that there is a limited amount of seats available.


RLabs and GivenGain collaborates

On Tuesday some of the RLabs team was out in Stellensbosh doing training with 8 ofGivenGain’s clients. GivenGain does a 3 day workshop with their clients and these are the topics that they cover:

1. Social Media training: Various social media platforms, setting up an account, how to use the functionalities of each platform.

2. Baseline training: Using the GivenGain platform – publish, donation reports, communication, database, fundraising pages.

3. Intermediate training: Creating fundraising campaigns, social media optimization, advanced applications of the Givengain platform.

RLabs has collaborated with GivenGain and will be doing the 1st of the 3 day training, covering everything their clients need to know about social media. We had good feedback from the participants regarding the training and we have been told that we will be hearing from their individual organisations to come and do some in house training with them. This is what Jannie Smith from GivenGain had to say regarding the training:

” Thanks again for you guys’ training today – I have received a lot of positive response from the attendees today re the social media training and their exposure to it. Especially Norman from SSNet – if only his supporters knew what is going to hit them soon on the social media platforms…”

This is a good start the year and we as RLabs are looking forward to this on-going partnership

source: RLabs

Social Media Is Free: Social Media Marketing Is Not

When i read this article it made so many things clear to me.Read it and then see what i am talking about.


I’ve heard this constantly from self-professed social media marketing “gurus”: social media is free! You should take advantage of it to promote your company! Why drop mail when you could market without spending a dime?

It’s seductive thinking, of course. With budget scrutiny perpetually on the rise, it’s natural to want to curtail expenses, especially if there is no net effect on the returns you could generate. The urge to fire your PR agency, stop dealing with direct response rates and just tweet like crazy can be difficult resist … but don’t do anything hasty. Like other forms of marketing, social media really does come with a cost. So, the issue becomes typical of all forms of marketing: how do you generate a return?

Many of the costs associated with social media marketing are not immediately evident. FacebookTwitter,LinkedIn and other platforms are free, as is widely known. There’s no cost to register, pop up a profile photo and let the world know what you think. Blogging can be virtually free, as well, if you use a hosted service such as or Blogger. There may be some mall design costs – for themes and backgrounds, for example – but companies with in-house designers won’t notice the costs, and even external design expenses tend to be manageable. The explicit costs, therefore, aren’t intimidating. Rather, it’s people that generate the expense.

The primary issue is content: you need to be able to publish blog posts, tweets and status updates. Depending on the nature of your organization, content development may require the collaborative efforts of a writer and internal subject matter experts. On top of that, there’s likely to be an internal approval process. With all these people involved, editorial planning enters the equation. Producing and publishing content is time-consuming.

In addition to content development, you need to think about content promotion – i.e., getting people know about and read your content. There can be public relations efforts, search engine optimization and community development and management involved. This involves more people, more time and more expense. Your company may not need to write additional checks, but decisions about how to direct your employees have to be made, and there can be times when additional hires become necessary.

As with any marketing activity, measurement is necessary – otherwise, you’ll never gauge the true impact of your efforts. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and time with the likes of and Topsy, though free, require someone to look at them, crunch the numbers and draw conclusions. And, all of this has to be integrated into your broader marketing strategy.

So, is social media marketing really free? Well, anyone who’s made a serious effort to do it knows that there are expenses all over the place. Don’t take this as a reason not to hit the social media world to market your company, though. There are still large concentrations of people available, and the tools afforded by these platforms can make targeting relatively easy.

When you start putting together your social media marketing initiative, take a realistic look at the hard- and soft-dollar expenses involved. Identify the results you’ll need to generate a sufficient return on your marketing investment. Quite frankly, you need to engage in the same marketing discipline you would exercise in other activities, such as direct mail, telemarketing and advertising.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be free to be effective: it just has to be well-planned.

Caregiver 2.0

This is an exciting time for the Kujali Project. Wednesday, 15 September 2010 the Kujali Project Home Based Healthcare is introducing Home Based Carers from the Athlone YMCA to Social Media. TheReconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) will be providing training to the caregivers and NGOs. The training will start with an Introduction to Story Telling and New Media. The overall objective is to generate stories of hope for all who can relate to the situations these caregivers experience every day in the form of blogging.

One of the Kujali team members wrote in their blog post: “Not only will this blog help citizens, caregivers and NGOs learn about what is happening in other communities, but it can serve as a platform for educational/ training resources to be delivered to the people in need was proposed that a blog be created for the sharing of the stories of the caregivers to others and amongst themselves.”

During the Social Media training the caregivers and community health care workers will be trained in: New Media, Blogging, Social Media Tools and Caregiver 2.0.

You can follow their blog Kujali to read the stories from the caregivers. Or follow Kujali on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Kujali

My Bloggers Block,Unblocked

I have been having bloggers block lately and  was just plain struggling to get a post together. So my colleague, Clinton Liederman comes to my rescue and says: “You know that is it is so easy to blog? If you can speak and have a conversation the you can blog or write”.

The very second he said it lights started to go on in my head and immediately it sinks in. When he said it just sounded so simple and easy to comprehend and really takes off the pressure of thinking what I will blog about next. So I take what he said into my spirit immediately and here I am blogging about what we spoke about.

So if you are out there and you are having bloggers block please remember:”If you can speak  you can blog!” Thank you Clinton for bringing that to our attention. Great tip


Yesterday while we were working in the RLABS we had the privilege of being given a short blogging workshop by none other than Madam Geek ,Rene Parker. She showed us a couple of things on wordpress that we, as she puts it, well renown bloggers ,should have known. She actually put us to shame lol.

But it was a fun session and she taught us a trick or two. So she put Craig and myself  to shame I must admit. It was however a pleasure to see her getting excited about blogging. I suggested that we have a little blogging off friendly competition and just to encourage each other and teach each other new things about blogging.

I am so looking forward to this interaction and learning. That is why I love my work/job. Always an opportunity to learn something new on a daily basis.


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