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Social Media For Business

On Tuesday we hosted a Social Media For business workshop here in the RLABS space. We had 5 companies that were represented. We are looking to grow this numbers in the future. We basically took them through a process to show them how Social Media could effectively grow their business and how they could effectively use all the Social Media tools available to them.

Here is what the programme for the day looked like:

9:00am  – Coffee/tea

9:15am – Background and benefits of social media for your business (Craig)

10.00am  – Develop social media plan for business (Craig/Brent interactive session)

10:45am – Business going Mobi (Clinton)

11:15am – Coffee/tea

11:30am  – Social Media Tools for your business

Twitter (Brent)

Facebook fanpage  (Clive)



iGeek visits RLABS

Gerhard Potgieter and myself after class

Saturday morning I attended a very interesting class that was hosted by RLABS. This has been a class that I have been waiting for, for a long time. The topic of today’s class was: Blog Monetizing and we had none other than Gerhard Potgieter better known as iGeek, a well known Capetonian blogger that did the class with us.

I have always been curious as to how one can make money from blogging and how other people are doing it. But as iGeek was conducting the class he mentioned very vital points that will definitely be helping me as a blogger. The one thing that stood out for me was that one must never ever be desperate to make money off from your blog. Also that one should not blog with the focus being you are going to make lots of money.

He gave us some good tips as to which ad companies would best work for our blogs and how to set up an adsense account. Thank you iGeek for broadening our understanding about monetizing and all the tips you have brought to us.

You can read more about this enthusiastic Capetonian blogger on his blog:

Social Media Workshop for Civil Society

participants at our Social Media Workshop for Civil Society

Today RLABS hosted a Social Media Workshop for Civil Society for NGO’s. This was the first Social Media Workshop we had for the year and will be looking at hosting one every month. These were the objectives for of the workshop:

  • Understanding of Social Media and its context
  • Identified tools that could be integrated into the non-profit operations to support its vision and objectives
  • Introductory level of hands-on experience using social media tools
  • To use mobile phones as possible social media devices
  • Understand the importance of Social media for  non-profit

Marlon Parker did the opening presentation and covered Introduction to Social Media for NGO’s. After him were Clinton and Clive. They did a presentation on Social Networks for NGO’s and Non Profits and showed the participants how to create a Facebook Fan Page. Craig and I did a Twitter presentation and showed them how NGO’s can utilize Twitter and get their names out there.

This one day training “hands-on” workshop will cover the following areas:

  1. Background to social media and tools such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, wikis, and multimedia file-sharing sites
  2. Provide guidelines to how your organisation can utilise and reap the benefits of social media
  3. Practical opportunities for participants to engage with some of the social media tools
  4. Social Media and mobile phones
  5. Drafting a Social Media Policy for non-profits

Well done to all the facilitators and am looking forward to doing the next workshop with you guys.

Happy April Fools Day All

Early this morning Craig and myself was sitting in the RLABS office and working (doing reports). During our discussion he reminded me that it was April’s Fools Day. Being the geek that I am I had saw an opportunity on how I could capitalize on this day and blog about it.

That is when we decided that I should announce that I am getting married soon as most of my followers know that I am single (on twitter and facebook). So this the status update I put up  on Facebook and Twitter.

Needless to say that it was not long until someone commented on this post to congratulate me. And of course there were lots of questions asked. Some wanted to know who the lucky girl is. Other people were sceptical and mentioned that it was Aprils Fools Day and commented about it on facebook. However there was a plan of action in place. I simply deleted their comments and then thereafter sent them an inbox message informing them what I was doing. Luckily none of them was offended.

On Twitter I soon received @ messages from people congratulating me from all over the world. I soon sent a DM (Direct message) to all of them telling them what I am doing. Twitter is the Social Media application that I am best known on and some of my followers were not happy that I caught them out in this way lol. It is awesome to see how many people are actually interested in my life. I have nothing but love for you guys.

@ messages on Twitter

Just to say that the next time I do make the announcement, it will be for real. Problem now is that I have to just find her still. I am trusting God that He will show me who it is.


1st Social Media For Teens class for 2010

Terence and Michael facillitating the teens class

Today Michael and Terence started the first Social Media for Teens class for this year (2010). This was more of a refreshing course for some of the teens  that attended,  as most of them has been with us from last year.

The new teens singed up for a gmail account and will soon be using these accounts to sign up for facebook ,and to be contributors to their teen blog. .This is the start and introduction to the wwworld for these teens and the start of great things.They have so much to contribute and the a huge potential to encourage other teens out there.

Stay tuned and follow the progress of these teens.


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