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RLabs – A Space And Atmosphere For Learning

Some of the courses for the 1st semester in the RLabs Academy are coming to an end.  I had assigned myself to the Photography class which is facilitated by Ricky Johnson. Ricky has created a very joyful and family orientated atmosphere in this particular class. Everyone seemed to be so at peace with each other and lots of laughs and jokes were shared.I also had the privilege of seeing one of the students showcase their work. She out of her own went along and printed out her pictures she took on an excursion the class had and decided to bring it with her to show the others.

Christine Herling printed her pics and showcased them in class


In Saturday’s class Ricky spoke to the students about making money from photography and how one could turn a hobby into a business.  All the students were exited at the prospect of earning money from photography.  One could literally could see the hope on their faces after hearing this good news.

After the photography class Craig Ross asked me to sit in on the Entrepreneurship class as his students were going to pitch their business ideas later that morning. I saw the opportunity and asked some of the photography students to sit in on the presentations that would be done by the entrepreneurship students so that they could draw some inspiration and ideas from them.

The entrepreneurship students pitched and presented their businesses ideas to the audience and like second nature the photography students (that was now part of the audience) whipped out their cameras and started capturing the event.  In this session the photography students could now learn the do’s and don’ts when starting a business as the audience gave feedback and constructive criticism after every business that was presented.

One of the businesses who presented

This was all in the spirit of learning and there were no hard feelings about the feedback but everyone understood that this was a learning experience. All- in- all the businesses that was represented was good and well done to the entrepreneurship students for all their hard work they had put into their projects.


I take my hat off to all the students within the Academy for stepping out and stepping up. You guys do us proud!!

I am excited to see what of this business will be hosted in our Business Incubator ,Innovia .

Social Media For Business

On Tuesday we hosted a Social Media For business workshop here in the RLABS space. We had 5 companies that were represented. We are looking to grow this numbers in the future. We basically took them through a process to show them how Social Media could effectively grow their business and how they could effectively use all the Social Media tools available to them.

Here is what the programme for the day looked like:

9:00am  – Coffee/tea

9:15am – Background and benefits of social media for your business (Craig)

10.00am  – Develop social media plan for business (Craig/Brent interactive session)

10:45am – Business going Mobi (Clinton)

11:15am – Coffee/tea

11:30am  – Social Media Tools for your business

Twitter (Brent)

Facebook fanpage  (Clive)





Today’s blog post will not be about me and my journey, but rather about someone very dear to me who plays an important role in my life. That person is none other than my brother in Christ, Clinton Liederman (known on Twitter as @Clinton316).

I’m amazed by the way God is moving in his life and the lives of his family. Clinton is on a journey and has come from a life of organized crime and drug abuse in much the same way I did. Two years ago he made the choice to turn his life around and commit himself to Christ. He is now drug free and living for Christ.

Two years ago Clinton became a volunteer at Impact Direct Ministries where he has worked tirelessly for the last two years. His work, helping to reconstruct our community is now empowering the same community he formerly disempowered. In his efforts on the behalf of others Clinton has begun to realize great things in his personal life. It could be said that he is surrounded by miracles.

Clinton is now married to Shameez who is also a former drug addict who has made huge changes in her life. They are serving Christ together and the work they’re doing is so very powerful. They have three (soon to be four) wonderful, young boys and are together a great and giving family. With personal funds short and having three boys to feed and clothe, Clinton and his wife made the decision to live in one room at his parent’s home. As their family grew they began to feel the strain and pressure of the cramped space…a space that seemed to grow smaller with the birth of each child.

They prayed together about their situation and God came through for them. Clinton and his wife were presented with the opportunity to start a business of their own. Their new business, JBR Consultants, is a debt counseling business that helps people get out of debt. They worked hard at their business in addition to their community work and continued to pray and thank God for every opportunity that came their way. Praise God, they were finally able to move into a 2-bedroom flat a week ago but that was obviously not all God had in store for them.

About a year ago Carl Wills, a prophet from the U.K, prophesied over Clinton and Shameez and told them that by the end of this year they would have more living space than even the 2-bedroom flat provided. He told them they would have larger house with a garage. This started Clinton thinking about that possibility. They have their own place now, but there is no garage as the prophet had told them. He was grateful for the flat but began to visualize the house Carl Willis had seen for him. He continued to worship Jesus and praise and trust Him.

This morning Clinton shared his testimony in church as to how God came through for them. He told us that he and his family would soon be moving into a two-story, brick faced, 4-bedroom house which includes a granny flat….and what about the garage? Yes, the house has a garage just as the prophet had said it would. Clinton and his family are both grateful and excited and will soon be moving into their new home.

Not quite at the level of success to which Clinton aspires, but needing a home for his family, God touched his earthly father’s heart and led him to buy this new home for Clinton and his family. How awesome is that? Our God is real and answers prayers.

I am so glad for my brother and his family and I felt the need to acknowledge what God is doing in his life. This, though, is only the beginning. There is much more in store for Clinton and it’s going to be exciting to see where God is going to take this family next.

May God continue to bless them and give them the strength to continue their loving and giving journey.

Stay tuned and follow Clinton’s journey as I continue updating it as God continues to work in the lives of Clinton Liederman and his family.




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