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Rlabs: Internet Access for All

As a drug user, it was easier for Brent Williams to steal a computer than to actually operate one. But when he kicked the habit and learned how to use computers, he experienced the empowerment that comes from having access to the Internet. That is when he established Rlabs, a community center that teaches computer skills in the deprived area in Cape Town where he used to shoot drugs.

Jamiix Social Exchange

Marlon Parker, the Ceo of Jamiix and his team has been working long hours to make the deadline for the launch of their company Jamiix, a brand new social-media aggregator that was developed on Cape Town’s notoriously under-resourced and impoverished Cape Flats is launching internationally with grand ambitions to become an integral part of the Web 2.0 landscape.

I am excited that something so new and fresh is being birthed out of the Cape Flats. The Cape Flats is well known for all the negative things and is also known as the capital of the most horrendous crimes. I know that this concept will be well received across the globe.

Well done Marlon Parker and his team for their hard work and dedication. Keep it up guys!!!

You can go to the memeburn site to the read the first article that was written about Jamiix .


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