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Rlabs: Internet Access for All

As a drug user, it was easier for Brent Williams to steal a computer than to actually operate one. But when he kicked the habit and learned how to use computers, he experienced the empowerment that comes from having access to the Internet. That is when he established Rlabs, a community center that teaches computer skills in the deprived area in Cape Town where he used to shoot drugs.

Twin Towers Coming Down

The Twin Towers

On Sunday 22nd August 2010 the Cape Town skyline is due to change forever.  The twin cooling towers of the decommissioned Athlone Power Station are coming down.  But don’t worry, unlike the infamous twin towers that came down in New York on 11/09/2001, the loss of Cape Town’s ‘twin towers’ on 22/08/2010 is no act of terror.  The Athlone Towers are due to be demolished by controlled implosion.  And it promises to be quite spectacular!  So if you’re in the Mother City and looking for something to do on Sunday, why not watch history unfold as the towers implode.  A prime location to enjoy the fireworks will be Rhodes Memorial.  Check out this facebook event for all the details.  Also if you’d like some more information regarding the implosion, road closures and public safety, I suggest you check out this article.



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