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Mobile Services into Africa

This weekend was another great milestone for the team at RLabs and JamiiX as we partnered with MXit to expand our mobile services into other parts of Africa. The mobile services being offered includes the Angel service and theJamiiX mobile counselling support services.

This partnership will now see the RLabs mobile services not only supporting South African mobile users but will also reach countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Nigeria and Mauritius. We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to seeing the lives of people being transformed through the use of mobile phones.


Drug Advice and Support Services. #RLABS

This last week has been very fruitful in terms of our online counselling service that RLABS are currently running. We have put our counselling contact on Mxit and had had so many people adding the contact.

Here are the stats for the week:

21 June 2010

Conversations   : 385

Messages:  2867

22 June 2010

Conversations:  248

Messages: 1157

23 June 2010

Conversations: 354

Messages: 2583

24 June 2010

Conversation: 2986

Messages: 1047

During this week we had some serious cases ranging from rape, child abuse and also substance abuse. These are but some of the cases our counsellors were faced with. This service started out by providing advice for drug addicts at their finger tips, but we have gotten so much other cases and we see where best can assist. We have a committed team that does this because they love to help people and do not get paid for their time they offer. Thank you so much everyone for their time and sacrifice. It is definitely paying off and so many been helped through your sacrifice.

God bless

Rlabs Supports Substance Abuse Week

In preparation for substance abuse week (which is this week) , Rlabs has teamed up with Mxit to bring drug advice and support to the tip of Mxit subscribers fingers. 28,000 plus subscribers added the Angel Information Service .Yesterday the team had to be ready as  they did not know how many people would come online seeking advice and support with their substance abuse problems.  Yesterday in a  3 hour service session the following statistics were achieved with 8 counsellors:

  • Number of Conversations: 385
  • Number of Messages: 2867
  • Average Conversation per counsellor 44

The technology we are using to manage the conversations is JamiiX


MoCo (Mobile Counselling)continues in the schools

So we have been going into the schools again this year promoting MoCo , our online counselling service to the the students in the Western Cape. Our goal is to reach 5000 contacts/people by April. Today alone RLABS sent out three teams to go and do presentations at various schools.

We are currently doing assemblies on Mondays at the schools and have been invited to do more individual classes later in the week. We will be going out to Stellenbosch and doing more schools there later in the week as well. In our presentations we give and show the learners how to add the contact to their current mxit on their mobile phones. We also speak about choices that people make in life and how important it is to make the right choices.

We are looking forward to reaching the 5000 mark and will continue to reach out to the young people out there. Well done to the RLABS staff for the great work they are doing in the community.

Watch this space to see many young people being reached and counselled through this innovative initiative.

Sorting Out The New Laptops For The MoCo Project

21112009505 by you.

The laptops for our pilot project MoCo finally arrived.We could now give each organization two laptops that would be allocated and used by the counselors that was allocated to do the online counseling.

Over the weekend Marlon, Craig, Mikey and myself  was busy sorting out the laptops and making sure it could connect online.It was a long day but we got everything sorted out and the laptops was ready for delivery.Monday was delivery day and the organizations would soon be ready to go online form their new laptops

Image062 by you.

Watch this space as we go and deliver the laptops to the various organizations.All glory to God for the great things He is doing.


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