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RLABS Interview on Radio CCFM/Celeb for Jesus

Me in Radio CCFM Voyeur

A couple of weeks ago Clinton and I headed off to Radio CCFM to represent RLABS and to informl the listeners  about DAS (Drug Advice and Support) and our other projects. When we entered the doors at Radio CCFM there were already other people there waiting to do their interviews.

This was once again an amazing opportunity to proclaim the name of Jesus and tell the listeners what the lord has done in our lives. It was a 15 minute interview but once again thousands were listening. Clinton ended the show off with a bang by encouraging the listeners not to give up and always continue to pray. Powerful words that was spoken by my brother in Christ. I am sure that there was someone out that needed to hear that.

All glory and honour to God once again for the platform He gives us.

MoCo (Mobile Counselling)continues in the schools

So we have been going into the schools again this year promoting MoCo , our online counselling service to the the students in the Western Cape. Our goal is to reach 5000 contacts/people by April. Today alone RLABS sent out three teams to go and do presentations at various schools.

We are currently doing assemblies on Mondays at the schools and have been invited to do more individual classes later in the week. We will be going out to Stellenbosch and doing more schools there later in the week as well. In our presentations we give and show the learners how to add the contact to their current mxit on their mobile phones. We also speak about choices that people make in life and how important it is to make the right choices.

We are looking forward to reaching the 5000 mark and will continue to reach out to the young people out there. Well done to the RLABS staff for the great work they are doing in the community.

Watch this space to see many young people being reached and counselled through this innovative initiative.

A Celeb for Jesus/SABC 2MORNING LIVE

n672243602_1015435_9072 by you.

So here I was all over the moon that I made my “debut” on radio, not knowing that God had greater things in store. Not too long after my radio interview,  I found myself  having to open the largest breakfast show in our Country, SABC2 Morning Live. SABC2 Morning Live was covering the new project  that we had launched (DAS) and needed one of the young men to briefly share their story about how they were set free from drugs. And that is where I came in.

SABC2 Morning Live has more than 10 million viewers that tune into the show every morning. So naturally I was nervous, but also saw it as a tremendous opportunity once again to mention the name of Jesus to the masses. On the morning of the show I had to be up at 4.00am as the TV crew started to arrive at The Impact Centre. The location of the shoot was going to be from the IMPACT CENTRE that morning by the way. The crew started to set up and my stomach started to turn as I saw loads of people arriving. There were people everywhere. The Centre is situated in between houses in a community on the Cape Flats. So naturally everyone wanted to come and see what the buzz was all about.

The show starts live at 6.00am and that would be my slot. I was to open the show with my story and hand over to the main presenter, Vuyo Mbuli. Before I went on the producer told me: “No need to be nervous. There are only more than 10 million viewers that will be watching”. I nearly needed to go and clean my trousers after that *smile on my face* It was time for the cameras to shoot and we time for us to go live. As I was standing with the microphone  in my hand, the camera man cued me;5,4,3,2,1 and we live

n672243602_1015434_8277 by you.

I started the show by saying : “Good morning. My name is Brent Williams. I live in the local community of Bridgetown. I was caught up in drugs and gansgterism for 8 years of my life……………  and I have been set free by the power of God.” And then handed over to Vuyo Mbuli. 10 million people that morning what God had done in my life! I just hope and pray that those words, that few minutes that I was on TV ,changed the life of someone out there. We can’t make people stop using drugs etc, but we can present hope to the hopeless out there. Father I live for Your glory.

Matthew 5:16 (NIV), “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”.

n672243602_1015448_7956 by you.

Vuyo Mbuli,one my neighbors and me

My pastors Roger and Jenny Petesen and the crowds behind them

Celeb for Jesus/First Radio interview I did

So I have been on various radio and TV interviews as I have mentioned in my previous blog post. I was at The Impact Centre where I went to seek help with my drug addiction for about 9 months, when I got the opportunity to share my story on one of the biggest radio stations in our country, Radio Good hope FM 94-97 fm.

I was very excited at the prospect of speaking to and sharing my story with thousands of people and very nervous at the same time. In the past I needed drugs to speak to crowds and here I found myself having to speak to thousands of people that would be listening in. I was even more nervous after hearing that DJ Suga, one of our local celebs was going to be conducting the interview. Radio Good Hope FM was covering the scourge tik (methamphetamine) that had hit the Cape Flats. And seeing that I was addicted to this drug, and have overcome it (with the help of Jesus); it made me perfect candidate to be interviewed for this particular show.

The day of the interview arrived and I was as nervous as can be. However I knew that this was for the glory of God that I would be doing this. On that particular day they were broadcasting from one of our biggest malls and there was quite a buzz as DJ Suga was present and people came to see her. I was introduced to her and she briefed me and told me at what time I would be on. She then continued with the show and then the moment finally arrived. She signalled me to come to the microphone and where she was seated.  She told me in a gentle voice: “Don’t be nervous. Just be yourself”.

DJ Suga on the right doing her thang.

The interview finally started and she asked me various questions as to how I ended up in drugs and gansterism and what kind of things I did when I was high on drugs. I told the listeners my story and when it came to the part as to how I came off from drugs I grabbed the opportunity to tell the listeners that it was with the help of God that I was set free and when I tried it on my own I failed each time. So the message was out there. It was only through Gods help that I was set free.

Through the grace of God the interview went well and I could see a tear in DJ Suga,s eye while I was sharing my story. This was the first of many opportunities I would get to mention the name of Jesus to the masses. Stay tuned as I share another opportunity God availed to me to share with the masses.

*NB I regret not having taken any pictures of this occasion.If only i knew then that i would have a blog of my own i would have captured the moment on camera:-)


Just over two years ago I was unable to operate a computer. It must have been the scariest thing for me to do. As I was growing up all that I could think of was getting high and did not have an interest in furthering my education. Learning how to use a computer was at the bottom of my to do list.

Just over a year ago I did a Social Media for Social Change course with CPUT .This is where I learnt all about Social Media and the how I could empower my community by using Social Media. It was an honour for me to have has graduated from CPUT.

There were two classes running last year i.e. The Mom2.0 and The Reconstructed classes. However this time I found myself in a different position. This time round I found myself in the capacity of a facilitator and was now teaching the classes I once attended. It has been a good year with the new students. We had an awesome time, lots of laughs and very inspirational moments.

It was time to for the students to graduate and there was excitement all over. This was a huge achievement for most of the graduates as most of them had not finish their schooling and has never operated a computer before these classes. The graduation was hosted at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Granger Bay Hotel School on the 23 December 2009.

Just want to say congratulations to all the graduates and my prayer that they will this year be teaching the next group of students that will be coming through this RLABS project. I am excited to see them run these projects and see them grow even more.



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Coming Off From Drugs During The Festive Season

As I said in my previous post, I am so proud of the guys for what they have accomplished and especially seeing it is in, and during The Festive Season. When I look back three years down the line, when my journey started, I get very emotional. Just like these guys, I decided to come off from drugs during The Festive Season. It was not really by choice, if I did not stop I was going to die.

Three years ago after 8 years of using meth, crack cocaine and various other drugs, I decided to stop my drug abuse and get my life in order. The only thing was that it was the beginning of The Festive Season and all the parties were starting and it was the beginning of summer as well. I was  known not just for being involved in gangsterism but also a well renowned party animal. People who knew me thought I was crazy to try and stop using drugs during this period.

However, I knew that if I could make it through The Festive Season I would be well on my way to a road of recovery. The people were right ,I was crazy trying to stop using during this time. It was challenging hearing people outside drinking and partying, while I was hiding inside, afraid to show my face as I knew they would call me to party with them. There were times that I just thought, bugger this, I am going outside and going to party and  can try this recovery thing in the New Year. Through God’s grace He kept me sane and protected me against the temptations I was facing. Every time I would think of going out to smoke drugs  or drink, God would send people like Terence Hendricks around to my house to come and talk to me. Just in the nick of time I may add.

One day I was standing at the gate and this one guy I use to smoke with came with a gram of meth to me and asked if I wanted to smoke it with him. I thought I was going to die that day. My stomach started turning and there were cravings like I cannot explain. But in all of this I saw the devil at work. This guy that was trying to convince me to smoke with him was one of the most selfish guys. He would never share his drugs with anyone and would always duck and dive when he had drugs on him. So I thought you are the most selfish addict I know and you want to smoke a gram out with me, come on! Right there and then I saw satin at work and needless to say I never went to smoke with him or ever again.

If I just think back at where my life is now and where it could have been if I had to go and smoke with that guy on that particular day. God is too wise to make a mistake. He knew that He had to save me in order for me to someday work with and lead other addicts into His Kingdom. Those are only one of the many challenges I faced during that Festive. It was not easy, but it was worth it! That is why I take my hat off to these guys. I know what it is to come off from drugs during the Festive Season.

It was not easy,but it was worth it!!

I thank God for all He has done in my life and all the other young men’s lives. All the glory goes to Him.

A Journey Of Their Own

This Friday past we took some of the new the guys that are on our Daily Substance Abuse Programme on an excursion to Table Mountain.This was not just a fun day out,  but also a way and means of getting away from the very busy everyday city life. This was also a day where the boys could look back and reflect on their journey that they are now on.

The guys on Table Mountain reflecting.

They have successfully been clean and off from drugs such as heroin,methamphetamine (tik) and various other drugs for a couple of months now.Praise God! I take my hat off to these guys as they are doing this in the midst of festive season and all the parties that are currently happening around them. They could have so easily have been drawn into all of these things but God’s hand is upon their lives. They now had to reflect and see what challenges there were in the past, how they overcame it , and now  look forward as their journey continues.

The guys were each asked to find a quiet place of their own,reflect and also bring back something out of nature that will best describe their journey.Whether it be a leaf ,a twig,a stone..they could choose.They had 20 minutes in which do to this and then had to come back to the bigger group  and give feedback.The feedback session was powerful and lots of positive things flowed from the guys.One could see and hear the progress they are making.Needless to say , the guys had an awesome time on Table Mountain and enjoying Gods beautiful creation.

Me and the guys as they are about to give feedback to the big group.

After our time on the mountain we headed down to Longstreet Baths for a well deserved swim.I am so proud of the guys and what they have accomplished and the long way they have come.I thank God for keeping them safe and out of harms way.

Well deserved swim...

In my next bog post i will be telling you how i had to face the festive season when i decided to come off from drugs.

God bless:-)

MoCo Role-Out:Back To School Is Cool

I found myself doing a presentation at Bridgetown High Secondary School, my old high school ,this week.I did not complete my schooling at Bridgetown High and left the school under very poor circumstances.

Learners at Bridgetown Secondary High

It was a good feeling being “back at school” and for all the  good reasons as well.  Not to reek havoc like I did in the past.I never thought I would be doing presentations in my old high school,not in a million years.So here I found myself going from being class clown , to giving these kids a contact that could possibly save their lives.

My prayer is that they use this MoCo contact when they are facing any issues or problems in their lives.I am ooking forward to chatting with the kids of my community via the MoCo counselling service.

“The Art of Mobile Counselling” Workshop:Day 2

Day 2 of the training started off with a bang!The praticipants had to bring in their homework that was given to them by Clinton.This was quite fun as some of these participants was not familiar with the chat lingo the kids use on mxit.So they basically had to go out and do some research and asks kids in their area for some words for their homework.

Here are some of the chat-lingo words the participants brought back as part of their homework:

watching t.v – wtv

listening to music – l2m

never mind – nvm

later – l8er

These are only but some of the words they brought back and well done to them for the great research they done.Some of them said it was not easy as most of the words they got from the kids has swearing content in them.


One of the participants giving feedback on thee homework he got.

Next up was Craig Ross.He session was “Introduction To The System”. He basically introduced the participants to the system that they will be doing the counseling from.This session took some time as we had to get everyone signed onto the system and then they had to take turns in working on the system and getting the hang of it.We had half of them in one room(they acted as the users seeking help) chatting from gtalk.The rest was in another room(The Lab) chatting  as counselors on the system.This went well as everyone had a chance to be the victim(user) and then the rescuer(counselor) as well.


This is Craig Ross doing his presentation "Introduction To The Sytem"

The introduction To The System took most of the day.We had a activity (ice breaker) after that just to get the juices of the participants flowing.And then i did an overview of day two.I also gave the participants some more homework.Those who did not have mxit on their mobiles was to go home and download it from the internet from their mobiles and then install and register to mxit.


Some of the participants doing their activity (ice breaker)

Stay tuned to see how it unfolds………

“The Art of Mobile Counselling” Workshop:Day 1

I want to first of all give God all the glory and praise for what He is doing in my life.It is only because of His Grace that I have the ability to do what I am doing.


RLABS hosted and facilitated the 1st SUBSTANCE ABUSE MOBILE COUNSELING TRAINING in the world.I am so honored to say that I was one of the facilitators on this particular pilot project.We as RLABS will be training and equipping up five organizations in the Western Cape as  how to use and administrate the system we are currently using to do the mobile counseling from.The day started off with registration, coffee and tea.Michael Abrahams (one of the facilitators) did the introduction and welcome.


Then it was my time do my presentation which was: “Social Media For Social Good”. In this presentation I basically painted the picture as to why we will be using mobile phones to counsel people and the potential thereof .One of the slides in my presentation read as follows:”4 Billion mobile phones are being used worldwide and it is the largest4070801993_ae84cf283a

distribution channel platform”-World Bank 2008..This was to show people how many people we could possibly reach out there.

Craig Ross was up next and he did:”The Art Of Mobile Counseling”.He basically told them the difference of one- on- one counseling and mobile counseling.Up next was Clinton his presentation was:”The Confessions Of Mobile Counselor”.In this presentation he engaged the participants as to what is required from a counselor when they go on-line etc.Clinton also had some homework for the participants.They had to go out and get 10 chat lingo acronyms and share it with the class th following day

ton doing his presentation"Confessions of a Mobile Counsellor"

By the end of the day all the participants was registered onto our system.On day 2 they all were going to do role-play and get a chance to work on the system as counselors.

Will fill you in on Day 2 as things progress.


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