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This is an amazing post and success story from one of the participants that attended the workshop hosted by Iringa Living Lab.This post was written by Yusuf one of the champions in Iringa. Source of post: Iringa Living Lab blog.

Wilbert is one of the beneficiaries of a one week social media training that has ended today at Tumaini University College Iringa, organized by the Iringa Living Lab. And what a week it has been for everybody but more so Wilbert who couldn’t hide his excitement.

Wilbert at computer

His story goes as follows. A first born in a family of seventeen, Wilbert lost his father in 2010. As a result, he could not continue with studies after form four, because his mother didn’t have enough money to take him to high school. He is self-employed selling SIM Cards as a mobile agent for TIGO, a mobile telephone operator. TIGO is currently promoting internet services in the country and have tasked their mobile agents to convince as many customers as possible to use TIGO internet on their phones. The problem for Wilbert though has been his inability to use internet, let alone understand what internet is all about.

So, the social media training by Iringa Living Lab came as a big opportunity for him. After just one week, Wilbert has been introduced to basics of social media and gained confidence in the use of email, face book and blogging.

Opportunity knocks once, so goes the saying! After realizing that social media is after all for everyone, Wilbert straight away went back to his business and confidently started persuading his customers to join TIGO internet. This time they responded. In one week, he has managed to convince 48 (yes, forty eight) customers to join TIGO internet, thanks to Wilbert’s newly acquired social media skills and entrepreneurial abilities. And his efforts have not gone unrewarded. He has received his commission from TIGO for connecting so many customers in such a short time.

Wilbert’s story confirms what Iringa Living lab stands for; that new technology can be adopted by all human beings irrespective of social status and it can make a huge difference in their lives. As Iringa Living Lab, we remain committed to produce many more Wilberts and through the efforts and creativity of every one of us, we believe we can make a difference in the lives of others, without waiting for government. It is possible!

Kigamboni Community Center now applying “Train-the-Trainer” skills

This is a post written by my Jukka Siltanen , Associate  Expert at TanzICT. TanzICT our partners and also the organisation we are doing consultancy work for here in Tanzania. TANZICT is a bilateral project between Tanzania and Finland. They work in the areas of information society, ICT sector & policies, mobile, ICT4D and entrepreneurship.

Read what Jukka wrote:

Following our collaboration with RLabs at the Iringa Living Lab in the beginning of July, Brent Williams has now spent several days over the last two weeks at the Kigamboni Community Center (KCC) on the other side of the ferry.

Brent testing the driver's seat on the bajaj he rides to Kigamboni Community CenterBrent testing the driver’s seat on the bajaj he rides to Kigamboni Community Center

Brent has been training the community trainers with the ‘RLabs curriculum’ – how to use Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger and other social media tools – and how to pay to the training forward. Only promise participants need to make is that they will use the skills learned for teaching others, who will again train others. This way ICT literacy and awareness will quickly spread in the community. Brent also wrote about of the first training session at KCC in his own blog.

Yesterday was an exciting day as it was the first day for the trainers to start training others, Brent being there only to assist if needed. As Brent said, it didn’t take long for everyone to start helping everyone and it was really great… :)

Trainers training the first participants - click to see more picturesTrainers training the first participants – click to see more pictures

Training sessions with Brent at KCC will still continue tomorrow and next week. Then Brent is off to Iringa to continue the “Train-the-Trainers” there. We are also excited about the opportunity and challenge Brent will be undertaking in training a group of deaf trainers at Neema Crafts in Iringa. Returning from Iringa, we’ll head for the first training sessions at the Zanzibar Living Lab, so the RLabs Social Revolution is spreading!


Learning together

After last week’s class the participants requested that we do a refreshers class on blogging again. Last week’s class included: loading up and image in your blog post, loading up a video in your blog post and doing a hyper link in your blog post.

In this evenings class I have asked the participants to do a blog with all of the above mentioned components in it. It is going to be interesting to see if they still remember what they have been taught last week. The is also a young man in this evenings class that was absent last week so did not get to learn what the others have learned. I requested from the others that was in class last week to assist and show him what we have learnt. I think that this is a great way of learning together and let’s face it, the participants in this year’s training is the CHAMPIONS of tomorrow.

RLabs and GivenGain collaborates

On Tuesday some of the RLabs team was out in Stellensbosh doing training with 8 ofGivenGain’s clients. GivenGain does a 3 day workshop with their clients and these are the topics that they cover:

1. Social Media training: Various social media platforms, setting up an account, how to use the functionalities of each platform.

2. Baseline training: Using the GivenGain platform – publish, donation reports, communication, database, fundraising pages.

3. Intermediate training: Creating fundraising campaigns, social media optimization, advanced applications of the Givengain platform.

RLabs has collaborated with GivenGain and will be doing the 1st of the 3 day training, covering everything their clients need to know about social media. We had good feedback from the participants regarding the training and we have been told that we will be hearing from their individual organisations to come and do some in house training with them. This is what Jannie Smith from GivenGain had to say regarding the training:

” Thanks again for you guys’ training today – I have received a lot of positive response from the attendees today re the social media training and their exposure to it. Especially Norman from SSNet – if only his supporters knew what is going to hit them soon on the social media platforms…”

This is a good start the year and we as RLabs are looking forward to this on-going partnership

source: RLabs

The movie:"Social Network"

Last night I attended to the premier and the screening of preview to the movie: “The Social Network”, compliments of Ster Kinekor and Two Oceans Vibe. The screening took place at Ster Kinekor in Cavendish Square. This movie details the founding of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg when he was an undergraduate at Harvard University. Even though I know plenty about Facebook as it involves most of the work that we do, the unfolding of this story just blew my mind.

The one thing that stood out for me in this movie is that Mark Zukerberg did not start this company (Facebookwith the sole intention of intention of making money. That was just part of the perks in the long run. In the movie Mark keeps himself seated in front of his computer for long continuous hours and burns the midnight oil, to give shape to his idea.

Above I only have a trailer of the movie, but the Social Network will start showing at cinema near you in the weeks to follow. If you are one of the 500 million people using Facebook then this movie is a must watch. If you not currently using Facebook,then sign up quick , and make your way to the movie house!

Social Media's Big 5

  • Facebook: = 500 million active users, 50% of active users logon each day,3.5 million events created each month, the UK 2nd country
  • Youtube: = #4 Largest Site on the Internet, #1 Largest video site on the web, 3.5 million people visiting the site every single day
  • Twitter: =1100% growth in a year, 23,500,000 visitors, number twelve website in the world, some 50 million tweets are sent a day
  • WordPress: = 77% of Internet users read blogs, 58% say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog
  • Linkedin= 50 million users worldwide, 11 million users in Europe, average age is 41, 64% are male, 50% are decision makers


"Double Bypass Surgery" #RLABS

The Twins

Surgery in process

With our Social Media Surgeries we run we have “surgeons” that signs up people to various social media sites and show them how to use it. At our last Surgery I had the privilege of doing a”double bypass surgery” with two people that came to sign up a Gmail and Facebook accounts.

It just so happen that these two people were twins. When I was helping them sing up to Facebook I noticed that they had the same surnames and thought that they were probably cousins or something. But when I saw that they had the same birthdays I asked them what’s up and they told me that they are twins.

The twins are now sorted and on Facebook each, and will be connecting with the wwworld soon.

Social Media Surgery In Public Space

The Social Media Surgery concept is where we go to shopping malls, shopping centre and public places where we provide social media training, advice to the public, non-profits and businesses in the format of a surgery. This is the first of its kind in Africa allowing local citizens to engage with one another and globally. The spot for the Surgery was at the Bridgetown  Community Center a location that is central and where gangsters hang out.

Early Saturday morning the RLABS team met at the office and loaded all the equipment need for the Social Media Surgery. The cool thing was that we did not have to travel far as this event was to be held at the local community centre in the area. At the community centre we set up our speakers outside to play music and make announcements to attract the crowds. Inside we set up our laptops from where we were going to sign up various Social Media accounts for the locals.

Bridgetown Community Centre

It s was not long before the curiosity got the better of the people walking past and the streamed in to see what was happening. We explained to them what we are doing and they were more than happy to be signed up to facebooktwitterand blogging platforms for free. We have also invited the same people to theRLABS space in the future to enhance their social media knowledge.

Arthur Charles Van Wyk visits RLABS

On Thursday while  I was sitting in a strategic planning meeting my colleague, Clinton shows me a update on Facebook that Arthur Charles Van Wyk will be coming to Cape Town soon. I met Arthur on the Social Media scene and we have since been following each other’s updates.

One thing I did not know about Arthur (and embarrassed to admit this) is that he is originally from the Cape Flats (Cape Town). He grew up in one of the neighbouring communities. Arthur is  a Brand Evangelist, Blogging Coach and Change Agent whose aim it is to help people and companies navigate and make sense of the digital marketplace that the the internet enables.

Arthur took some time out of his busy schedule to come and do a talk with our moms during the Mom 3.0 session. He encouraged them and told them how Social Media has changed his life. There was so more I learned about him, things I did not know. He has an awesome testimony and told us how he made the choice to get out of the reckless lifestyle he was living as a young man.

I want thank Arthur for taking the time out and gracing the moms and the rest of the RLABS team with his presence. We were truly blessed and have learned so much from him. You can read more about him on his blog, Jack Of All Trades

Speed dating with the moms

Speed dating with the moms

View more presentations from Rene Parker.

Today we decided to do the Mom3.0 Cafe Session differently. We will be doing it Speed Dating style. Here is just a brief description of what speed dating is.


Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.


The reason for us doing the Mom3.0 session speed dating style is that we want to introduce the moms to as many Social Media sites as possible. This is also a good way of doing recap with the moms and for those that joined the class late.

Melissa Jonhson one of the students says: “I could do so many things today as I had many tabs open. I had my Facebook, Gmail, Blogger and Hootsuite (twitter) open at the same time. This session was so fruitful!” So it seems these new speed dating sessions are paying off and we will be looking forward to having more of them with the moms in the future.

A special thanks to all the moms for attending the speed dating session as this would not be possible without you ladies. And to all the facilitators. Keep up the good work.

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