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Meeting at Mxit

Here is only one of the departments within Mxit

On Friday Dean, Craig and myself headed out Stellenbosch for a meeting with Glenn Alexander from the Mxit staff. Our meeting was held at the Mxit premises and what beautiful offices they have. I was always curious as to what goes on at Mxit and all I can say is that it looked very geeky when I walked in there, FTW. There were guys…And ladies sitting at their work stations, each with two screens (monitors) in front of them, coding and typing away. This was quite impressive to watch.

We met with Glenn as he has heard about our JamiiX application that we are using for our online counselling and wanted to know he could use it for an up and coming project for mxit that he will be heading up. We presented it to him and did a live demo for him. He was impressed with it and will be using JamiiX for his new project. That is all I can say for now.

After our meeting we got a tour of the offices and were shown each department and what they are responsible for. We were also then taken to the “loot” in Glenn’s office where he gave us some cool t- shirts and mxit badges. Not much I can reveal to you guys now and just to say that we had an awesome time at Mxit and thank you Glenn for the tour.

"The Loot"

10 Days of Sex, Drugs, MXit and ISLabs

Source: Marlon Parker


Today marked the 10th day since we’ve moved our Drug Advice Support (DAS) service over to JamiiX in collaboration with MXit. It was also an opportunity for JamiiX to test out its new Virtual Machines provided by our hosting partnerISLabs. The partnership with ISLabs really brought much better performance to the DAS service therefore allowing us to enhance the support to people in need. Over the past ten days the service had an average of 8 counsellors available for each session (3 hours a day) with each taking care of 49 conversations during such a session. This collaboration with MXit and ISLabs not only provided us the opportunity to increase our support numbers but also allowed us to expand on functionallity of the JamiiX innovation. Although we still have some ground to make, we are enjoying this journey of making a difference in the lives of thousands thanks to the RLabs and Impact Direct counsellors (See image), MXit and ISLabs we were able to achieve the following in ten days:

Number of Conversations: 3953

Number of Messages: 22731

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing a number of social services being launched on the JamiiX platform in South Africa and in other parts of the world. Special thanks to MXit, RLabs, ISLabs and Impact Direct for impacting lives for good.

A Saturday Morning At #RLab

Guest post:


This was an interesting day for MadamGeek at the RLabs office.

First thing this morning from 9 – 11am, Marlon Parker and Chantel Erfort ran their weekly Citizen Journalism session called ImoJourn here at RLabs. They have been running these weekly sessions since March 2010. This is a collaboration between RLabs and Cape Community Newspapers to bring Mobile Journalism to the community have been going well with the last few weeks having a focus on technologies such as TwitterFacebook and blogging to share stories via their mobile phones. The learners from 3 high schools in Cape Town have been taught some basic journalism skills the first few months ranging from writing, editing, ethics to photography. The sessions are focused on how the learners can use their mobile phones to share stories in real time using available technologies such as Social Networking tools.

She’s the GeekMadam GeekKingrossBrent’s JourneyTerence and the RLabs team came together today to host the Mom3.0 Cafe Session as part of RLabs Social Media for Social Change training. At 10am the Mom3.0 Cafe Session started with the continuation of the Speed Dating session on 19 June 2010. Today the moms played around with their facebook and twitter profiles and used online chats to communicate to some friends. And they added a bit of blogging to the session at the end.

We were honoured to have Mr. Arthur Charles van Wyk with us for a brief talk. Brent Williams invited Arthur to visit RLabs while he is in Cape Town. They met on Facebook and have been communicating via various social networks to set up the meeting. Arthur shared with the ladies his journey into the world of social media and how Social Media has changed his life. The women were in encouraged and felt inspired to continue blogging and contributing to the social media space. He says: “if you are not making a difference in someone elses life then what’s the use doing what you do?” This is exactly what RLabs is about, making a difference.

While the Mom3.0 Cafe Session was still in progress Etv’s Tech Report walked in. The team came to interview Marlon Parker on JamiiX. In the last interview on 17 June 2010, Tech Report interviewed: She’s the Geek and Craig Ross. Today they interviewed myself, Rene Parker and Brent Williams on the JamiiX service.

So after a busy morning and early afternoon, we called it a day and wrapped up! It seems that every week more exciting things are uncovered and we get to be part of it. Well done RLabs on a successful Saturday morning.

Rlabs Supports Substance Abuse Week

In preparation for substance abuse week (which is this week) , Rlabs has teamed up with Mxit to bring drug advice and support to the tip of Mxit subscribers fingers. 28,000 plus subscribers added the Angel Information Service .Yesterday the team had to be ready as  they did not know how many people would come online seeking advice and support with their substance abuse problems.  Yesterday in a  3 hour service session the following statistics were achieved with 8 counsellors:

  • Number of Conversations: 385
  • Number of Messages: 2867
  • Average Conversation per counsellor 44

The technology we are using to manage the conversations is JamiiX


Jamiix Social Exchange

Marlon Parker, the Ceo of Jamiix and his team has been working long hours to make the deadline for the launch of their company Jamiix, a brand new social-media aggregator that was developed on Cape Town’s notoriously under-resourced and impoverished Cape Flats is launching internationally with grand ambitions to become an integral part of the Web 2.0 landscape.

I am excited that something so new and fresh is being birthed out of the Cape Flats. The Cape Flats is well known for all the negative things and is also known as the capital of the most horrendous crimes. I know that this concept will be well received across the globe.

Well done Marlon Parker and his team for their hard work and dedication. Keep it up guys!!!

You can go to the memeburn site to the read the first article that was written about Jamiix .


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