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It has been a while since I have posted anything on THIS blog! Got some inspiration to write again and this is all thanks to my baby daughter HANNAH .  She was born on the 5th February 2014  and needless to say my life has not been the same ever since .


This being our first baby I was a bit concerned as to how to handle, change dypers   and just seeing to the well being of the little one . Its amazing how nature takes its course and how paternal instincts kick in . I am enjoying every minute of being a father and to see physical changes with the little almost every week.


I do realize that this is one huge responsibility  and that it is not just for a few months or years , but for a life time . I strive to be the best dad that I can be and too install good values in my kids . I cannot hide them away from the world but I can equip them with good values that they can choose to use when faced with tough decisions they have to make .

Then not forgetting my  wife , my hero , the best mother that HANNAH could ask for .  I see the joy the little brings to her and how she enjoys every minute of being a mother. I can only but thank God for my family and for entrusting me to with this responsibility as the head of my home .

This one's for you mamma

Since last night i was thinking of my mom and everything she has done for me.She was also played a very important role  in me coming clean from drugs.She always prayed for me even though everyone thought there was not hope.So I appreciate and love her very much.Well this is just the way i am feeling today and this one is for you mamma.

BBC interviews RLABS staff

My BBC interview with Gareth Mitchell

Saturday was a very busy day at RLABS. First we had class with a well known Cape Town blogger, iGeek. After he left it was time for the BBC crew to come and do some interviews with the RLABS staff. Gareth Mitchell from Digital Planet and his BBC crew came to see what we are doing at RLABS and how we are changing the lives of others through the use of technology and cellphones.

Bit of background on Digital Planet:

Digital Planet covers a wide range of issues affecting technology. This can vary and cover many different areas, although often there are segments on technological solutions to problems facing charitable or humanitarian causes, with a speaker representing the cause being interviewed by Gareth Mitchell

Monique Theron Ross also known as "Shes The Geek" doing her interview with BBC

The world will hear what is happening here in Bridgetown and how God is blessing us and giving us intellectual property. I thank God for this team and that I can be part of what is happening here. Go Team RLABS and thank You Jesus!!

EXPOSED:The Short Movie I Starred In

Earlier this year all the members of RLABS attended a film making workshop. In this workshop we were taught how to direct, produce and edit a short film. We have accomplished that and all the guys did well and the results were excellent. Only problem is that the film I was asked to participate in required me to run around in my underwear throughout the movie. The movie was based around a true life incident that happened to @clinton316‘s father at their home.

SANY4600 by you.

I took one for the team and did not want to be a bad sport so decided to go along with this movie. My only concern is that putting this short movie on the World Wide Web for everyone to see may just make or break me . Being a follower of Jesus i hope that people will understand why I did this.It was all in the name of learning. Today I will be asking people to vote on my profile page and let me know if I should put this movie up or not. Please vote and let me know guys. Will be posting up the movie if I have enough votes. NB: I TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM!!

Newspaper article/Celeb For Jesus

So there just one more thing in the Celeb for Jesus journey.  On Saturday the 16th January 2010 RLABS hosted a Social Media Surgery in Vangate Mall which was managed by Craig Ross, Innovations Manager for RLABS. This was the first one of its kind that was done in Africa and  in  an open space like this.

News paper article covering the RLABS event

I was busy creating someone a gmail account when I saw Craig speaking to someone; unknowingly that it was a reporter from our local newspaper. She was interviewing Craig and finding out more as to what was happening and what the buzz was about.

On the Wednesday the article appeared in the papers, unknowingly to me and we  went out and  got a copy of the paper. So there I was signing up someone onto gmail, the once drug dealer and drug addict. So now people could see the person they once new (the addict) and the person God has changed me into.

But the glory goes to God and never would I have thought that all this would happen in just over the 2 years I have been serving Christ. I am enjoying this journey with Christ 100% and I know there are lots more to come.

Jesus I love you and treasure all that you are doing in my life.


Just over two years ago I began in incredible journey. Here, on this blog I’m going to share part one of my journey with you.

Just over two years ago I wouldn’t have thought or imagined that I would be doing the type of work I’m doing today. Over two years ago when  I was still high on drugs, had I told the guys that one day I was going to be a drug counselor working in our local community, they would have probably told me that, that was the drugs talking and that I was tripping and crazy  from the drugs. The drug I was using, crystal methamphetamine, was making me mentally unstable and I was starting to hallucinate all the time.

I belonged to a notorious gang in the area and got caught up in all sorts of gang activities. I always thought people were out to kill me and felt I couldn’t trust anyone. It got so out of hand that one evening I wanted to stab my parents to death because I thought they were in this “big plot” to kill me. I thought they had ordered people to kill me and I basically wanted to make an example of them. In my mind I wanted to kill them to show the world that no one gets away with messing with me. It came to the point that I actually held my parents hostage for about four hours and all I could think about was killing them. I finally came to my senses and dropped the knife I had been threatening them with all evening. After this incident I realized that I needed serious help to prevent my hurting myself or the people around me.

It didn’t end there, though. I managed to stop for a while but I soon went back to my old habits and found myself in the same mess as before. After loosing everything I had, including my job, I was at the lowest part in my life. I felt that I had, had enough and just wanted to end it. I wanted out. I came home after a drug binge one evening feeling suicidal and told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She told me not to speak that way and that there was still hope for me. She told me that Jesus could set me free and that I should just call out on His name. I told her that I was bad person and that there was nothing that Jesus could do for me.

Because I had nothing to lose, I called out on the name of the Lord and asked Him to help me with my addiction. I told Him that I did not want to live this drugged out life anymore. After doing that I just burst out into tears and felt a heaviness lifting from my shoulders. Ever since calling on the name of Jesus I’ve been drug free. I’ve been clean and drug free for just over two years now and am not looking back.

Now I am a drug counselor and am working for a wonderful organization that works with drug addicts. I saw the need out there with the drug problem and have decided to offer up my life to help others that are going through what I have been through with this evil drug.

Well, there you have it. That’s part one of my journey. Next time, in part two, I will share with you information about the organization I am currently working with and some of the great work we are doing and the lives we are saving. Praise be to God!


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