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RLabs Finalist for International Award

Since 2008 the RLabs team were involved in using mobile technology to provide counselling support services to thousands of youth at risk accross Southern Africa (Read more…). It was with great excitement when we got feedback today that this RLabs initiative is a finalist for The Best Use of Mobile for The Bees Awards. The Bees Awards is the 1st international social media competition for marketing and communications professionals. Brands and agencies from all around the world were invited to share their best work and the finalists were selected by a jury composed of 20 renowned social media experts from 13 different countries.

To be a finalist for this award is such a great honour and privilege considering that about 74% of the entries were from large brands coming from 21 countries. This recognition by the international social media community will continue encouraging the RLabs family and community to continue pushing boundaries in using Social Media for Social Change.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in San Francisco on November 9, 2010 and will be live streamed.

MobieG Gets Introduced to JamiiX System

Some of the MobieG counselors

On day two we did started the day off by doing a recap of the previous evenings training and see how much the trainees has remembered. After the recap Craig introduced the counsellors to the JamiiX system, the platform that they will be using. Jamiix, a web based tool allowing you to manage multiple conversations from different Social Networks and Instant Messaging platform.

We took them through the entire system and showing them all its functionalities that they would require to do the counselling. This is how you add the contact for their mobile counselling service:

Go to Menu
Add Contact
Select Jabber option
Jabber ID:
Nickname: MobieG
Accept Contact

MobieG Launch #1

On Friday Craig and I boarded a plane to Johannesburg to go and do training with the MobieG Team. We have partnered with them as they would like to start something similar to what we are doing here in Cape Town. Not only did we go down to go and do training with them but also it was the launch of their online counselling service, Mobie G.

On this service they will be giving advice on various social ills and issues to the youth of Johannesburg on this platform. Stay tuned as this story unfolds and what happened over the weekend while we were there. It is awesome to see what was birthed here in Bridgetown, Cape Town.

You can go to the MobieG FanPage and see what it is all about:

10 Days of Sex, Drugs, MXit and ISLabs

Source: Marlon Parker


Today marked the 10th day since we’ve moved our Drug Advice Support (DAS) service over to JamiiX in collaboration with MXit. It was also an opportunity for JamiiX to test out its new Virtual Machines provided by our hosting partnerISLabs. The partnership with ISLabs really brought much better performance to the DAS service therefore allowing us to enhance the support to people in need. Over the past ten days the service had an average of 8 counsellors available for each session (3 hours a day) with each taking care of 49 conversations during such a session. This collaboration with MXit and ISLabs not only provided us the opportunity to increase our support numbers but also allowed us to expand on functionallity of the JamiiX innovation. Although we still have some ground to make, we are enjoying this journey of making a difference in the lives of thousands thanks to the RLabs and Impact Direct counsellors (See image), MXit and ISLabs we were able to achieve the following in ten days:

Number of Conversations: 3953

Number of Messages: 22731

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing a number of social services being launched on the JamiiX platform in South Africa and in other parts of the world. Special thanks to MXit, RLabs, ISLabs and Impact Direct for impacting lives for good.


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