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JamiiX launch in London

One of the first innovations part of the RLabs family is JamiiXthat will be launched in London today. JamiiX is a platform that allows you to manage multiple conversations via Instant Messengers and Social Networks. Below is an extract from theJamiiX Blog about the event in London (See Image for venue of event):

After an exciting week introducing JamiiX at the Mobile Web Africaevent in Johannesburg and the Mobile Africa Brain Bank in Helsinki we a few hours away of the launch of JamiiX in the United Kingdom. The launch in London is part of the JamiiX World Tour that started 3 months ago in Cape Town and it is with great excitement for us to see a local innovation from the Cape Flats now having the opportunity to enter the World Stage.

The event will be hosted at the OASIS Centre in London by our UK partnersNimbus Consulting and will give our guests the opportunity to have a sneak peek at the current version of JamiiX.


From Cape Flats to Europe

Guest post on RLABS blog via Marlon Parker

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The second leg of the JamiiX World Tour was Helsinki, Finland where it would be the first time JamiiX will be made available to Europe. JamiiX is a Web 2.0 technology that manages and aggregates conversations via (Mobile) Instant Messengers and Social Networks in a central place. The story of JamiiX is that it is the first Web 2.0 technology conceived and developed on the “notorious” Cape Flats in the Western Cape, South Africa.

This European launch of JamiiX was a follow up of the Cape Town event a few weeks ago. With guests from various industries and technology companies including (Nokia, Mobile Brain Bank) including our hosts and partners (Pajat). The event was held at a stunning venue the Royal Ravintola Klub and Terrace where we welcomed the guests with some great South African tunes and Cape Town atmosphere.

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The event was co-hosted by Aalto University and sponsored by SAFIPA. The evening was an opportunity to share the history of JamiiX and the people behind it as well as share some key points about JamiiX:

1. It is currently using the FREEmium model.
2. It is a distributed system to manage mulitple conversations via web
3. It is easy to register
4. It is hosted on the Cloud and make use of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model
5. JamiiX eXchanges have special features that was on demo to the crowd
6. Push Technology and conversation management tool is changing the way people will manage conversations
7. Introduction to the JamiiX Open API
8. JamiiX as Contact Centre 2.0
9. JamiiX on mobile

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The partner in Europe was also revealed at the launch event with lots of interest from various sectors. The guests at the launch were able to play and test JamiiX after the presentation and Q&A session. Overall the JamiiX technology was very well received with possible contacts and clients to be revealed soon. Thank you to everyone who attended and Helsinki for opening the JamiiX doors to Europe. This adventure is also a testimony that innovations from the dusty streets of Africa can have a global impact. Well done to everyone at RLabs and the community who are the reason for celebrating. Next part of the journey will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Reconstructed Living Lab: supporting drug users and families through co-operative counselling using mobile phone technology

Mobile Couselling Session #DAS

Source from

Latest research by RLabs and the JamiiX Mobile Drug Counselling support system provided the following evaluation:

- In practical terms, the advisors have the capacity to help more people (n = 27) in a two-hour session than advisors at helplines (n = 4).20 The DAS system aggregates the conversations for the advisors, allowing them to respond to the requests more easily and faster.
- The DAS system enables multiple advisors to assist during a given session.
- When an advisor does not have the necessary experience or skills to deal with a case, it can easily be transferred to someone with the necessary skills.
- The advisor receiving the reassigned conversation can view previous conversations with the client, so questions need not be duplicated.
- The advisor can refer a person in need to any other organisation, and maintain a help directory of available services.
- The service proved to be particularly useful for families of drug users, and they were offered family sessions and help if required

The full research paper was publsihed in the South African Family Practice journal.

10 Days of Sex, Drugs, MXit and ISLabs

Source: Marlon Parker


Today marked the 10th day since we’ve moved our Drug Advice Support (DAS) service over to JamiiX in collaboration with MXit. It was also an opportunity for JamiiX to test out its new Virtual Machines provided by our hosting partnerISLabs. The partnership with ISLabs really brought much better performance to the DAS service therefore allowing us to enhance the support to people in need. Over the past ten days the service had an average of 8 counsellors available for each session (3 hours a day) with each taking care of 49 conversations during such a session. This collaboration with MXit and ISLabs not only provided us the opportunity to increase our support numbers but also allowed us to expand on functionallity of the JamiiX innovation. Although we still have some ground to make, we are enjoying this journey of making a difference in the lives of thousands thanks to the RLabs and Impact Direct counsellors (See image), MXit and ISLabs we were able to achieve the following in ten days:

Number of Conversations: 3953

Number of Messages: 22731

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing a number of social services being launched on the JamiiX platform in South Africa and in other parts of the world. Special thanks to MXit, RLabs, ISLabs and Impact Direct for impacting lives for good.


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