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Social Media Boot Camp

Wondering how your company can embrace social media for better performance online? Struggling with reaching your target audience? Sign up for the RLabs Social Media Boot Camp on June 6 in Athlone, Cape Town and let the professionals of RLabs’ Social Media Factory guide you into the world of a Social Business.

During the morning, professionals from different countries will share their experience within the social media and social business industry. Some of the topics to be presented are process innovation in businesses, social media and mobile phones, semantic web, fund-raising campaigns and much more.

After a coffee break, there are hands-on consulting sessions with the presenters. So you have an opportunity to discuss how your company can improve its performance and business by embracing social media, you visit the “Business and Innovation” hub. The “Fund-raising” hub is there to advise and help you with fund raising money via social media platforms. Finally there is also a “Social Networking” hub that is specialized in creating you a company weblog and get you active on various social platforms (E.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.).


Date and time: June 6, 09.00 till 16.00

Location: RLabs, 66 Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown, Cape Town

Price: R1000 per person, including coffee breaks and a good lunch

Bookings and info: or call 021 699 1453 and ask for Craig Ross. Please note that booking is only possible before the 30th of May and that there is a limited amount of seats available.


Social Media's Big 5

  • Facebook: = 500 million active users, 50% of active users logon each day,3.5 million events created each month, the UK 2nd country
  • Youtube: = #4 Largest Site on the Internet, #1 Largest video site on the web, 3.5 million people visiting the site every single day
  • Twitter: =1100% growth in a year, 23,500,000 visitors, number twelve website in the world, some 50 million tweets are sent a day
  • WordPress: = 77% of Internet users read blogs, 58% say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog
  • Linkedin= 50 million users worldwide, 11 million users in Europe, average age is 41, 64% are male, 50% are decision makers


ASLAM LEVY At The Reconstructed Session

At this week’s Reconstructed class we were graced by the presence of Aslam Levy one of the SA BLOG AWARDS finalist and his wife Sue Levy. This was his first visit to the RLABS space and definitely will not be the last. This was also the classes first session in blogging and his timing could not have been more perfect. He came to RLABS to sit in for the class but was quickly put on the spot by Craig Ross to speak to the class about blogging:

These are some of the topics that he covered with the class:

  • What is blogging

-          Imager and text

-          Video

  • How do I blog?

-          WordPress and Blogger

-          RLABS group blog – SA no.1 Group blog

  • Why do I blog?

-          For exposure

-          Personal or Brand


-          Expression

-          Story telling

-          Be seen

-          Become an expert


-          Information

-          Traffic

-          Brand awareness

-          Campaign Awareness

We as RLABS would just like to thank Aslam for sowing into the lives of these people and playing a part in the Reconstruction of their lives. Aslam will be back with us this coming week to continue the blogging class with them.

Social Statistics

As we know the internet is becoming more and more popular by the day and is growing by the numbers as we speak.More people are jumping onto the Social Media Bandwagon in the hope of not being left behind.Here are some recent stats on a few of the most popular and fastest growing social media networks on the world wide web. Source:


A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second.

There are four million UK LinkedIn members

There were more than a billion people-searches through the site last year

Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members

25% of FTSE 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

Over half a million LinkedIn groups exist


People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook

The average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events

Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications

More than 550,000 active applications are currently on Facebook Platform

More than one million websites have integrated with the platform and over 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites each month

There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products


There are more than two billion views on YouTube each day

24 hours-worth of video content is uploaded every minute

46 years-worth of YouTube content is watched each day on Facebook

The average user spends a quarter of an hour each day on the site

70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the USA

The site is monetising more than a billion video views each month

94 of AdAge’s 100 top advertisers have executed YouTube campaigns

The number of advertisers running display ads across YouTube has increased by around 1,000% in the last year


75% of Twitter traffic is generated from outside of

A quarter of Twitter users have no followers

65% of the world’s top 100 companies have a twitter account

Twitter’s search engine gets more than 600 million queries a day. Monthly, this is proportionately more than Bing and Yahoo.

There are more than 70,000 applications currently using Twitters API

Social Media Surgery In Public Space

The Social Media Surgery concept is where we go to shopping malls, shopping centre and public places where we provide social media training, advice to the public, non-profits and businesses in the format of a surgery. This is the first of its kind in Africa allowing local citizens to engage with one another and globally. The spot for the Surgery was at the Bridgetown  Community Center a location that is central and where gangsters hang out.

Early Saturday morning the RLABS team met at the office and loaded all the equipment need for the Social Media Surgery. The cool thing was that we did not have to travel far as this event was to be held at the local community centre in the area. At the community centre we set up our speakers outside to play music and make announcements to attract the crowds. Inside we set up our laptops from where we were going to sign up various Social Media accounts for the locals.

Bridgetown Community Centre

It s was not long before the curiosity got the better of the people walking past and the streamed in to see what was happening. We explained to them what we are doing and they were more than happy to be signed up to facebooktwitterand blogging platforms for free. We have also invited the same people to theRLABS space in the future to enhance their social media knowledge.

Caregiver 2.0

This is an exciting time for the Kujali Project. Wednesday, 15 September 2010 the Kujali Project Home Based Healthcare is introducing Home Based Carers from the Athlone YMCA to Social Media. TheReconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) will be providing training to the caregivers and NGOs. The training will start with an Introduction to Story Telling and New Media. The overall objective is to generate stories of hope for all who can relate to the situations these caregivers experience every day in the form of blogging.

One of the Kujali team members wrote in their blog post: “Not only will this blog help citizens, caregivers and NGOs learn about what is happening in other communities, but it can serve as a platform for educational/ training resources to be delivered to the people in need was proposed that a blog be created for the sharing of the stories of the caregivers to others and amongst themselves.”

During the Social Media training the caregivers and community health care workers will be trained in: New Media, Blogging, Social Media Tools and Caregiver 2.0.

You can follow their blog Kujali to read the stories from the caregivers. Or follow Kujali on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Kujali

Arthur Charles Van Wyk visits RLABS

On Thursday while  I was sitting in a strategic planning meeting my colleague, Clinton shows me a update on Facebook that Arthur Charles Van Wyk will be coming to Cape Town soon. I met Arthur on the Social Media scene and we have since been following each other’s updates.

One thing I did not know about Arthur (and embarrassed to admit this) is that he is originally from the Cape Flats (Cape Town). He grew up in one of the neighbouring communities. Arthur is  a Brand Evangelist, Blogging Coach and Change Agent whose aim it is to help people and companies navigate and make sense of the digital marketplace that the the internet enables.

Arthur took some time out of his busy schedule to come and do a talk with our moms during the Mom 3.0 session. He encouraged them and told them how Social Media has changed his life. There was so more I learned about him, things I did not know. He has an awesome testimony and told us how he made the choice to get out of the reckless lifestyle he was living as a young man.

I want thank Arthur for taking the time out and gracing the moms and the rest of the RLABS team with his presence. We were truly blessed and have learned so much from him. You can read more about him on his blog, Jack Of All Trades

Speed dating with the moms

Speed dating with the moms

View more presentations from Rene Parker.

Today we decided to do the Mom3.0 Cafe Session differently. We will be doing it Speed Dating style. Here is just a brief description of what speed dating is.


Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.


The reason for us doing the Mom3.0 session speed dating style is that we want to introduce the moms to as many Social Media sites as possible. This is also a good way of doing recap with the moms and for those that joined the class late.

Melissa Jonhson one of the students says: “I could do so many things today as I had many tabs open. I had my Facebook, Gmail, Blogger and Hootsuite (twitter) open at the same time. This session was so fruitful!” So it seems these new speed dating sessions are paying off and we will be looking forward to having more of them with the moms in the future.

A special thanks to all the moms for attending the speed dating session as this would not be possible without you ladies. And to all the facilitators. Keep up the good work.

This is a blog post from

Social Media For Business

On Tuesday we hosted a Social Media For business workshop here in the RLABS space. We had 5 companies that were represented. We are looking to grow this numbers in the future. We basically took them through a process to show them how Social Media could effectively grow their business and how they could effectively use all the Social Media tools available to them.

Here is what the programme for the day looked like:

9:00am  – Coffee/tea

9:15am – Background and benefits of social media for your business (Craig)

10.00am  – Develop social media plan for business (Craig/Brent interactive session)

10:45am – Business going Mobi (Clinton)

11:15am – Coffee/tea

11:30am  – Social Media Tools for your business

Twitter (Brent)

Facebook fanpage  (Clive)



BBC interviews RLABS staff

My BBC interview with Gareth Mitchell

Saturday was a very busy day at RLABS. First we had class with a well known Cape Town blogger, iGeek. After he left it was time for the BBC crew to come and do some interviews with the RLABS staff. Gareth Mitchell from Digital Planet and his BBC crew came to see what we are doing at RLABS and how we are changing the lives of others through the use of technology and cellphones.

Bit of background on Digital Planet:

Digital Planet covers a wide range of issues affecting technology. This can vary and cover many different areas, although often there are segments on technological solutions to problems facing charitable or humanitarian causes, with a speaker representing the cause being interviewed by Gareth Mitchell

Monique Theron Ross also known as "Shes The Geek" doing her interview with BBC

The world will hear what is happening here in Bridgetown and how God is blessing us and giving us intellectual property. I thank God for this team and that I can be part of what is happening here. Go Team RLABS and thank You Jesus!!


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